Post Test Counselling


The purpose of this manual is to offer support with the counselling of patients with a chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection and has been prepared for professionals (doctors, nurse practitioners, public health nurses, etc.). The manual is not intended as a replacement for a medical or nursing dossier, but it can be used as a supplement to the local HBV protocol.

This guideline was developed by the Public Health Service Rotterdam-Rijnmond (GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond), in collaboration with Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, and with support from the Dutch Digestive Diseases Foundation (MLDS).

The content is the result of the combination of a ‘needs survey’ involving more than 50 patients with chronic HBV infection with various social psychological theories regarding behavioural change. In compiling the manual the following objectives of counselling were used as the basis.

The chronic hepatitis B patient:

  • cooperates with Source and Contact Tracing (SCT)
  • visits the GP or specialist in accordance with the applicable guidelines for referral
  • follows hygiene measures in order to prevent blood-to-blood contact with unvaccinated family members and other contacts
  • is pro-active in dealing with or solving coping problems
  • uses condoms in the correct manner during sexual contact with (current or future) partner until such time as the partner has been vaccinated.
  • cooperates with the complete vaccination of other members of the household and partners against HBV.

The methodology used to develop this evidence-based guideline is described in more detail here: