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Multi-lingual leaflets made easy

Appropriate and translated written information given to people offered viral hepatitis screening can improve knowledge and awareness, prepare people for their test results and reduce feelings of stigma, fear and shame.

To enable health professionals across Europe to provide this in a written format to people offered testing, HEPscreen has developed a tool to create multi-lingual leaflets. The culturally appropriate and simple to understand content is available in 42 languages, from which any combination of two can then be selected to generate a health information leaflet.

It has been particularly written for with people with limited health literacy or people from cultures where norms and values about unsafe sex and illicit drug use heighten stigma when viral hepatitis is explicitly associated with these routes of transmission.

If you want more information about why and how this useful tool was developed, take a look at:

  • The background document that describes the search for leaflets and the gaps in provision.
  • The methodology document that describes how the content was developed and how the languages were chosen for the multi-lingual pre-test leaflet.