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Pre-test information

Providing accurate, appropriate and understandable pre-test information to people from endemic countries is an important ethical requirement of screening. The information given in the ‘pre-test discussion’ helps to:

  • Secure informed choice
  • Improve acceptance of screening
  • Raise awareness and improve knowledge
  • Prepare people for a positive test result
  • Reduce feelings of stigma, shame and fear

In this section, find tools to help deliver good practice discussions. There is a Pre-Test Discussion Checklist aimed at primary care clinicians. There is a multi-lingual leaflet tool to enable health professionals across Europe to provide accurate, clear and culturally appropriate written leaflets to people offered testing. The culturally appropriate and simple to understand content is available in 42 languages, from which any combination of two can then be selected to generate a health information leaflet. You can read also more about these issues in the scientific discourse in the further resources section.