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WP4 Current practices

Partners involved: HAW, UNIFI, Erasmus MC, MPHS.


To collect and analyse information on screening practices, counselling, health care and patient management of hepatitis B and C in migrants in the EU using literature, a survey and expert consultation, as basis for further activities of the project.


Description of the work:

This work package focuses on the control and clinical management of Hepatitis B and C specifically in migrant and ethnic minority populations. The aim is to collect and analyse information on the general and migrant specific screening practices, pre- and post test counselling practices, referral practices, on the subsequent  health care service provision and clinical management and on the health care services provided to Hepatitis B and C patients. The work will specifically  focus on migrants and ethnic minorities in the following European member states: Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, (countries where pilot studies will be carried out) and Germany, Netherlands and Italy. For the UK, separate data on Scotland will be collected.

Key findings will be shared with the pilot projects to allow the integration of best practice into their design.  The findings will also contribute to the production of tools (WP7) for public health professions to encourage and facilitate the design and implementation of projects using the best available evidence.